Trinity Special Operations is a special unit within Delta Force that reports directly to the Federation's President. It operates with its own command personnel, logistics unit, uniform and policies. Trinity Personnel wear a black uniform similar to that of AMC. Command level personnel have the choice of wearing a duty coat over civilian clothes if they so desire. The unit currently operates out of the DFS Lavie as well as the DFS Phoenix and its missions current involve tactical interventions, holding government entities accountable, requests for aide from government contractors and other tasks the President needs completed.

Trinity Commanding Officer/CO; DFS Lavie: Captain Yuka Layton

Trinity Operations Officer: Captain Sophie Archer

Trinity Training Officer: Captain Marcus Tillard

DFS Lavie Executive Officer/Marine Commander: Major Aidan Thornton

DFS Phoenix Commanding Officer: Lieutenant Commander Dom Martinez

Research and Development Commander: Lt. Dr. Scott Johnson Ph.D

Medical Division Commander: Dr. Kegan Weminder M.D., MPH, OD

AMC Detachment Commander: Commander Sakura Carain

AMC Squadron 1 Leader: Lieutenant Kiyoko Ino