Welcome to The New Universes Project Council Wiki

This wiki is designed as a reference source for all of the stories and role plays managed and ran by The New Universes Project Council. Anyone can add content to pages on this wiki however certain project specific pages are locked. If you feel as though information should be added to those pages please contact Joshua Hina at or contact any other member of the council. You can also go to our project forum at TNU has sims currently active in Bravo Fleet's Task Force 99.


Links Information
Facebook 10 Apr 2017 - Major work is being done to update the wiki. We are currently hoping to find someone to manage the wiki. Please email us if interested.
Slack 10 Apr 2017 - Minor updates were made to the wiki.
TNU Talks YouTube Series 31 Mar 2017 - We are in the process of putting the universe's technology on the wiki.
Website 31 Mar 2017 - The VN's first chapter is almost done. Many updates everywhere!

Latest activity

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