The Terran Federation is a government in Sessions. It is one of the longest running governments other then the United Forces Alliance.

Government Overview

The Terran Federation is the prelude government to the Galactic Federation established in July of 4563 due to the Gorlothian Empires second invasion. The Terran Federation controls most of known space spanning over 200 worlds in around 50 systems. It is governed by a Senate with one member from each system and a House of Representatives with one representative from each member planet. Its Executive Government consists of the President, Vice President, Chief of Staff, Executive Overseer, Chair of the House and Chair of the Senate. The Terran Federation was created when Hukari Carain and Delta Force rebelled from the UDC and UFA in the War in 4560 that resulted in the capture of Earth from the Terran Dominion and Earth II from the UFA. It’s primary religion is Christianity and its primary language is English. It's Capital is located in Tokyo Japan on Earth while its Senate Assembly Building is located on London England and the Representative Assembly is located in Washington D.C.

Government Officials

President: Lady Hukari Carain
Vice President: Law Chu (Acting until Spike Armageddon's return)
Chief of Staff: Adolf Gosfleg
Executive Overseer: Minister Norath
Chair of the House: Representative Keller
Chair of the Senate: Senator Shawn Kent

Minister of Finance: Dr. Zack Asomo Ph.D
Minister of Civil Services: Lucas Robinson VI
Minister of War: Admiral Frank Taylor
Minister of Defense: Dr. Huris Magevine Ph.D
Minister of the Interior: Jessica Ulson
Foreign Affairs Minister: Wes Denton

Military Commanders:
Planetary Security Forces: Senator Glast
Delta Force: Misuki Raion
Federation Fleet: Admiral Frank Taylor
Marine Corps: Brigadier General Joshua Forester
AMC: Commissioner Artirus