Takara was originally created by Monica Williams and first appeared in Shadow Fire as a AMC Pilot. She also appeared in The Third Installment and other parts of the Sessions Stories. Takara also commands eh Temporal Security Service.

Character Information

Name: Takara Mashima
Sex: Female
Age: 32
Assignement: Temporal Security Unit Commanding Officer, Delta Force
Rank: Commander
Race: Cardassian/Betazoid Hybrid Cyborg
Height: 5'11
Weight: Originally 145lb 227lb with cybernetics installed
Orgin: Unknown
Personallity: Shes a tough one. She was introduced to the life of the renegade at a young age. Constant fighting led her to join some military factions where she got her experience at being a pilot with various machines. Mostly being fighters and mecha. Though fighters are her specialty, shes not bad at piloting mechs eaither. Hand to hand combat skills are quite impressive, probably due to some of her cybernetics that add to her strength, she could take on a male quite easily unless he was Klingon. Through her tough additude she means well. Shes close friends with Azerty and her mech engineer Steve.