Sumire or Remi as her friends and family call her (first coined by her sister Yuki) is the female protagonist of Marsia Academy: The Third Wave; she also has a reoccurring role in DFS Lavie and is the prospective character of the second proposed set of TNU visual novels. As of Mission 2 of Season 2 she became the protagonist of ENRB. She is a student at Marsia Academy whom is the daughter of the Governor of the colony she was born on. After her Mother and Brother were killed by terrorists at a rally she was placed up for adoption with her adoptive sister for safety's sake; hence the differing last name from her father. She joins the Trinity Special Operations Unit in their War Information and Political Services Branch as a Political Information Officer and joined the Lavie Cast during Act 2. She was romantically involved with Takeko Hassam. She often experiments with her sexuality and life problems through advanced virtual reality technologies leading to many spin-off stories involving her. She is learning gems from Alister Kai-Baru. During the events of Act 2 she became the leader of Tactical Team One and it was discovered that she hid her real age from everyone to be able to enroll in Marisa Academy. She has become romantically involved with Aidan Thornton and Flennel Lanreth. Sumire was created by Josh Hina.

Her updated character biography is located on the TNU Player Services site due to her active role in the story.