Sumire or Remi as her friends and family call her (first coined by her sister Yuki) is the female protagonist of Marsia Academy: The Third Wave; she also has a reoccurring role in DFS Lavie and is the prospective character of the second proposed set of TNU visual novels. She is a student at Marsia Academy whom is the daughter of the Governor of the colony she was born on. After her Mother and Brother were killed by terrorists at a rally she was placed up for adoption with her adoptive sister for safety's sake; hence the differing last name from her father. She joins the Trinity Special Operations Unit in their War Information and Political Services Branch as a Political Information Officer and joined the Lavie Cast during Act 2. She is romantically involved with Takeko Hassam though she experiments with her sexuality and life problems through advanced vurtial reality technologies leading to many spin-off stories involving her. She is learning gems from Alister Kai-Baru. Sumire was created by Josh Hina.

Character Inforamtion

Character Information

Name: Sumire Rembrant

Nicknames: Remi

Gender: Female

Species: Human; Orterion (People from This Colony look half-Asian) 

Age: 18

DOB: 10/17/4548

Blood Type: O +

Physical Appearance

Height: 5’ 8”

Weight: 125 lbs

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Silverish 

Personality & Traits

General Overview: Remi is an adopted child whom is actually the daughter of the ousted governor of the Orterion colonies. She was placed for adoption with a family despite her still having contact with her biological father. She is a very arrogant girl whom is hostile to others or very distant. She hates her little sister whom has been forced to stay with her.

Strengths & Weaknesses: Remi is skilled with computers, problem solving, social sciences and statistical information. She hates to fight and even though she is good at it if she has to fight she will break down shortly after. Her physical fortitude is not the best meaning she gets sick often. She has an overwhelming tendency to go where she is not wanted.

Ambitions: Remi wants to lead her home colony in her father’s footsteps and rule over the peons which she has to deal with right now. That is not to say she is a princess she is just use ot having control over everything.

Hobbies & Interests: She enjoys computers, manga, anime, puzzles and government as well as civil planning. As a result she studied everything about this station before coming to it knowing everything from the decks, the size of each bulkhead to what is really on the deck under deck M.


Yuki Rembrant – Adopted Sister

Jin Rembrant – Adoptive Father

Asa Rembrant – Adoptive Mother

Elric “Ric” Shoji – Biological Father

Mari Shoji – Biological Mother (Deceased)

Lee Shoji – Biological Brother (Deceased)


Remi was born to the family that governs a colony and was raised as the daughter of a rich family along with her sister whom was even more spoiled than she was however after the death of their mother and younger brother in a riot during a planetary takeover their father sent them off for adoption for their safety and had them go by aliases. They lived in a foster home and Remi began to hate her sister because the foster family took better care of Yuki than they did her. Due to this Remi learned to work and has held jobs; she is not as wanting as she use to be; due to this clash with reality it caused her to dislike people and become very arrogant and hateful. She sometimes just disconnects with reality especially since they were finally adopted as she doesn’t want ot be mean but hates her situation so much she takes it out on other people. She would really much rather be back with her father right now.

Average Grades:

Writing classes – Above Average

Computers – Exceptional

Social Sciences – Exceptional

Sciences – Exceptional

Math – Average

PE – Failing

Disciplinary History noted – Most of her instructors hate working with her because she is so disrespectful, flip it or entirely disinterested in the course but yet when work is turned in she does every well. She also has issues attending class.