The Sentinel , a dedicated strategic electronic countermeasure ship designed to jam communications, warheads, and intercept enemy communication traffic. The ship is lightly armed and it's only offensive weapon is light ship to ship missiles. It's other defensive armaments are anti missile missiles, an integrated Laser Anti Munition system, and old fashioned flak for fighting against bombers and fighters. Due to the lack of offensive armament and her small stature, the Sentinel is excellent at evading enemies with a state of the art gem drive. She also tends to be a forward scout with a few recon ships, and a mobile command post to support the fleet with logistical issues and positioning.


40 Light Ship to Ship Missiles from 4 Missile pods. Two on the aft inboard and two on the port and starboard bow.

132 Anti-Missile Missiles, two launchers bow, and aft. One on the starboard beam and the other port.

270 Degree flak +90, -90 facing aft.

Laser Anti Munition point defense system.

Defensive shielding:

Integrated Gem Shielding.

Lightweight Vanadium armor.

Manuvering and FTL:

Low Output Gem Drive

Low Output Hyper-Impulse Engines


27 Officers, 90 Enlisted. 117 Total An additional 20 SpecOp infantry for missions upon request.



Support Craft

Two Raptors outfitted for long range recon.