RINZ-00 and his associated avatar form are male protagonists in DFS Lavie and TNU: Eine Neue Reise Beginnt. RINZ-00 is Yuka Layton's partner, mech and lover. RINZ is the Executive Officer of DFS Lavie. RINZ was created by Monica Williams.

Name: RINZ-00

RINZ = Radically Intelligent Nanotech Zenomech

Gender the AI associates itself with: Male

Age: 1

AI Age Equivalent: 23

Height: 30 Meters

Weight: 32 Tons

Eye Color: Blue LED

Physical Description: Hes a big yellow sentient prototype attack mech that specializes in melee combat.

Manufactured by: Faith Special Forces Extraterrestrial Research Team, Inter-universal Technology Command Special Services Branch

Consulted with: Lonhorn Corporation, Asher Foundation and the Mint Republic Science Corps

Crew: 2 (Pilot, Gunner)

Combat Specialization: Close Quarters (Long Range attachments optional)

Main Armaments:

2 360’ High Yield Particle Cannons

2 Beam Blade

1 Prototype Master Control System with Pilot Support and Artificial Intelligence Program

1 Hypergate Generator

2 Atmosphereic Booster

1 Specialized Power Cell (Type of power classified)

Optional Equipment:

1 Dual Plasma Blade

1 Prototype Nova Capture Unit

AI Personality: RINZ-00 has a very curious personality, tends to ask a lot of questions when it comes to something he does not understand.  Hes a prototype AI becoming self aware a couple of months ago.  He is always learning things from his environment.  RINZ knows the basics of right and wrong and can can adapt quickly to situations with his neural network.  He is proficient in combat due to his instinctual programming held inside his ROM and specializes in many types of melee weapons ranging from lances to swords.  RINZ is polite for the most part, though sometimes might be rude unintentionally due to lack of experience.