This is what I have so far. 



Providence class 

Accommodation: 2657 (407 Officers; 2250 Enlisted Crew); 9500 person evacuation limit ( more with hangar bay empty)

Classification: Dreadnought Carrier

Development Project Started: 4563

Production Start Date: 2373

Production End Date: Still in Production

Current Status: Entering Service

Length 1321 meters

Width 409 meters

Height 189 meters (201 meters with attached pod)

Weight: 11,523,000 metric tons

Cargo capacity: 197,760 metric tons

Hull: Duranium-tritanium composite with micro-fiber reinforced ablative armor.

Number of Decks: 44 total, 41 habitable

general overview

Type XXXIII  polaron beam arrays : 17 total: 10 on saucer section (6 dorsal, 4 ventral), 1 port, 1 starboard on top of engineering hull, 2 ventral, 1 aft on rear of engineering hull, and one forward & one aft on pod about saucer section

Torpedo launchers 8 total: 6 forward (4 above deflector dish, 1 on port and starboard corner of saucer section, and two aft engineering hull)

Pulsed Plasma cannons 16 total: 8 above the deflector dish, 4 on starboard corner of saucer, 4 port corner saucer.

Hangar deck 9.5 height x50 wide x 613 length

Mechs/fighters/Shuttles compliment. (soon)