The Onyx class Cityship is a "flying" city in space protected by a forcefield and metal barrier from space; complete with its own gem network to provide power, terraforming and a holographic environment so it seems more like an actual city. It has six docking platforms. It has a central park used for recreation, housing facilities for officers, dormitories for enlisted and civilians as well as shopping, schools and civilian services along with the Trinity research and administration base below the surface. It is the Trinity Base of Operations and the flagship of the Trinity Fleet. This cityship was used as a template for all the others in the fleet.

Base Specifications

Base Name: Trinity Command Base

Commissioned: September 18th 4566

Classification: Onyx City-ship; Mobile Command Base

Registry: TCS-1

Designed by: Watchers Intelligence Service with consult from Trinity Starship Development Bureau 

Decks: 35 (Habitable) 5 (Not habitable) 

Complement: 12250

4000 Officers, 4000 Enlisted, 2000 Marines, 2000 Contractors, 250 Civilians

(5500 Research and Ship/Weapons Dev, 2000 Administration, 1250 Logistics, 1250 Defense, Security and Tactical, 325 flight personnel, 400 Medical and Science Support Staff, 300 Intelligence, 300 Signals Intercept and Information Security, 300 Engineering,325 Operational Support, 50 Flight Control)

6000 Droids (2000 Engineering and Operations, 2500 Security, 1000 other purposes, 500 Research Support)

Evacuation Limit: 1 million


Gem Cloaking Field

Laser Point Defense System x 7

Probability Core 

Gem Shield System x 3

Gem Power System x 3

Life Support Management Gem Core (Brown gem that creates a livable environment within the base shield)

Gem Drive

Ceci Satellite Control System (100 Ceci Queens)

Pressurized Starship Bay x 6

Docking Port x 6 

Ablative nanoarmor

Interceptor system (? Waiting on name from Jay because he used this on the phoenix)

Solar Panels and Fusion Cores

Aux Vessels

Hangers: 2

Shuttles: 60 (20 Mastiff Class)

Mechs: Defense: 30 Light, 20 Medium, 10 Heavy – Support: 80 Worker Robots

Runabout: 32

Support Ships:

2 Maranda Class and 4 Oberth Class

2 Saber Class Defense Ships

Deck Layout (35 Floors 35 Rooms per floor per building)

Building 1 (Central Core) – Command Center, Administration, Offices, Signals Intercept, Information Security

Building 2 – 11 – Living Quarters, Commissaries, Commons Areas, Lounges/Bars

Building 12 – 22 – Laboratories, Engineering, Research and Development

Building 23 – Medical and Scientific Support Services, Storage

Building 24 - Intelligence, Security Command Center, Armory, Jail, Secured Containment Area

Building 25 – Engineering, Operations, Storage(edited)