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Name: Nicklas Blom Nicknames: none Gender: Male     Species:Former human now android body Age: 82 DOB: march 14, 4484 Blood Type: irrelevant now

Physical Appearance

Height:  5 foot 11 inches Weight:  170 lbs Eye Color:  green Hair Color: medium to dark blonde

Physical Description:

Light skinned. Since the android transformation, he appears to be a man in his his late twenties. Disarming smile and warm, short, but longer than regulation length hair, neatly styled. His appearance is usually meticulous. 

Personality & Traits

General Overview: After spending a lifetime in public service, Nicklas has a polished and warm demeanor. He can make friends easily.  Strengths & Weaknesses: Good at empathy and getting people to chat about themselves. When he decides you aren't on his side, he can easily forget about you.  Ambitions: None at the moment other than the desire to explore with his new found life.  Hobbies & Interests: Cross country skiing and biathlons. Classical piano. 

Life History and Relationships

Family: Widowed (Elsa Nicole), no children.  History:  Niklas took the job as planetary administrator two decades ago and ironically was considering retirement when the takeover by the artificial intelligence communities happened. A public servant all his adult life, paperwork and talking to people are skills he mastered decades ago. In more recent years, his health had become an issue with a degenerative muscle atrophy and onset of genetic dementia. When the takeover happened, Niklas was made to be an example of how superior an artificial life could be. While he hates that it was not a choice for him, the results have left him with a near immortality and a vitality that he'd missed. His body was destroyed after the conversion, leaving him with a choice to embrace the change.  

Education:  Bachelor's degree in public relations. 

Languages:  English and Swedish

Starfleet/Military Service Information none. 

Assignment: Colonial Magistrate/Governor - Vectorous IV  Service Record:

Service Medals: