Lumiere Alisa Trouvé or as her ship namesake is called "Lavie" is the computer and human avatar form of the DFS Lavie ship. She recently started taking up her own nickname first coined by Yuka Layton; "Lumi". She was given a human body by ITC's Medical Research Division as such she is no longer part of the ship. She is romantically involved with Yuka Layton. Lavie was created as the ships computer in the holographic form and with the personality of a little girl during Marsia Academy; she "grew" older when her systems were upgraded. Now that she has a human form her personality is growing as a result. Lumi is romantically involved with Erik a hologram created by she and Aidan to help her learn about her humanity. She was created by Josh Hina.

Name: Lumi Trouve

Gender: Female

Nationality: Caucasian 

Age: 1 (Appears to be 26)

Height: 5"6' 

Weight: 140 lbs

Hair/Eye Color: Brown Hair, Brown Eyes 

Blood Type: AB +

Birthplace: ITC Research Division 6

Physical Description: Lumi has a D cup and is well-endowed bum. She has a clear complexion, straight hair that goes down to her midback. She has a rounded face. She has an athletic build. She primarily wears stockings with a garter belt a mid length skirt and black top with a leather coat over it. She also wears combat boots. Her clothes are black. Due to an enhancement from ITC she can change her hair and eye color at will. 

Personality: Lumi is a black and white sort of person, she is also very open to new ideas. She is very knowledgeable because of her mind pretty much being a ships computer database. She is very loyal to people she cares about. She is flirty and sees virginity as a noble and likeable trait in people.

Hobbies: Lumi likes playing cards, looking up old Earth records, messing around with Jeane and Yuka, playing the flute and building things out of nothing. 

Ambitions: Lumi wants to explore her new found humanity and see Yuka happy.

Familial/Relationship History: Lumi has no family but sees the crew as her extended family. She sees Yuka as a lover and thinks of Jeane as a role model and idol. She sees RINZ as a brother.

Medical History: She was created in a ITC research lab and is very strong and resistant to most illnesses because of her place or origin. She is directly linked with the ship and can control it herself being that she is the ships former AI computer. Her mind was entirely copied and moved over to this body during the transfer process.

Education: She has the equivalent of seven Ph.Ds and a medical degree because of her knowledge from being the ships computer and access to all the ships databases. She also knows a lot about engineering from her understanding of her own former self (the ship.)