Kagura Kira
Name: Kagura Kira
First Appearance: To The Skies; Act 1
Affiliations: Dragon Riders
Occupations: Sniper, Dragon Rider,
Age: 16
Birthday: Unknown
Birth Place: Unknown
Height: 5ft 11in
Weight: 122lbs
Ability: Can see great distances
Played by: Geicorules
Name: Tamashī
Power: Shoots Shadow beams
Skill level: Rank 1

Kagura Kira is a commander in the Dragonriders under the Militia Division of the Special Elimination Force. She was created by geicorules and first appeared in Act 1 of The Journey of a Thousand Years.


Kagura is a skinny young teenage girl. She has long straight light brown hair. She has brown eyes. She can normaly be seen wearing a black school uniform, this is because she feels best in it and most the time her rank is consealed.


Kagura is a much quite person, She keeps more to her self around people she doesn't know. She even acts shy around people she knows. Unless she knows you very well she will act shy and probably not open up to you. This also makes it to where she dosn't have very good people skills so she may ask really dumb questions.

Abilities and powers


Kaguras magic manifested in her eyes. This gives her the ability to see further then any normal human and even futher then some of the best sniping scopes. This is a great ability she has since her specialty is sniping.


Kagura took a liking to sniping very early in her training. She is a great shot and almost never miss's. With her eye's it makes it even easier and some times she dosn't even need to use the scope. She uses a special sniper rifle that contains magical marks on the sides of it. This allows the sniper rifle to shoot great distances making sniping even more hidden.


Tamashī has the power to shoot small shadow beams. These shadow beams expand the furthur distance they go. It the beam hits a target or a target enters it, it will become paralized. Kagura uses this to her advantage to take out targets even quicker.



Kagura doesn't remeber anything from before she was 5. She was told by doctors that she was the only one in her family to survive a horrible crash and that she was clinging to a small dragon. The dragon she has she has had since it was in an egg. She has raised it ever since and is quite good at riding it. Her dragons name is Tamashī (Wich means shadow).


Kagura joined the Dragon Riders at age 14. She quickly took a liking to the sniper rifle because it required much focus and to be very quiet. Kagura has mastered sniping and can even do it while riding her dragon. She also combines her sniping with Tamashī's shadows to kill her prey even quicker. She has come as far as becoming a rank 1 dragon rider.