Jessica is the protagonist of To The Skies: The Journey of a Thousand Years. She was created by Alexandria Davis and first appeared in Act 1.

Character Information

Name: Jessica Lewis Andridi-Rowin
Rank: Lieutenant
Assignment: Regional Protector, Athos Region
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 115 lbs
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Brown
Place of Birth: Meoridi, Athos, Cardala
Date of Birth: Day 60 of year 214 on the Lazarus Calendar
Psychical Description: Jess is of average height, build and bust size. She keeps her hair of medium length and is a very tidy person. She remains in uniform most of the time however when off duty she wears shorts and a T-Shirt; in formal situations she prefers to wear a skirt and a nice blouse.
Interests: Jess likes to cook, swim, eat foreign foods, tinker with equipment she does not understand and play the piano. She has also sung before.
Family History: Jess’s family was murdered when she was very young. She was raided by a man calling himself Blake. Blake taught her until she was ready to go to the academy. She has no other family that she knows of and is not a very social person.
Education: She graduated from the academy at the top of her class and after a year of wondering decided to go on a path of trial. She joined the Pilot Training for the Governments Spaceport. Her application was denied.
Career History: Jess joined the Dragonriders after she saw government enforcers murder a group of civilians in cold blood. She is a rank 2 rider and her dragons name is Amino. Jess wealds a fire sword and gun as her sidearm. Her dragon can fire a cone of lightning and is considered one of the more fierce dragons. Her dragon turns into a human when in cities with her and takes the form of a old man whom acts as her advisor and aide. Jess often calls him Amio as a nickname.
Service Record:
Training of Record – Lord Alistor Falon
Dragon taming – Year 232
Battle of Los Alari – Year 233
Regional Protector, Athos Region – Year 234