High Utility Mobile Marine Bipedal Electric Assist Vehicle. (HUMMBEAV)

Frame: Oversized 9011 Tritanium Alloy frame. Laser Welded Oversized 9011 Tritanium Alloy, Integrated Headset, Sealed 130mm Bottom Bracket. 

Fork: 9011 Tritanium Alloy ; oversized straight blade 33 x 6" (165mm QR axle)

Cassette:Rear:  Internal 7  Speed Cassette, steel cassette with wrapped superconductor 10kw motor assist in rear hub. 10kw superconductor in front hub, no gearing.  

Shifter: autoshifter, ambidexterous 

Wiring: All wiring routed internally

Shocks: Dual magento shocks in front and mono shock rear. 

Crank: Room temperature superconducting generator, capable of producing, 15kw at 80rpm.

Brakes: regenerative mechanical twin discs front and back 

Rims: 9056 Tritanium Alloy Single Wall Rim,  5.75" wide, 8 spoke mags. Internal constuction allows the tires to have a middle section that expands slightly on hard surface roads for decreased pedaling effort through lower rolling resistance.

Tires: 33" x 6" 220 TPI Folding All weather tread ultralite casting. 

Weight: 48 pounds 1.25 ounces. 

Sizes: Four sizes 20, 22, 24, and 26 inch frames, sized to accommodate the power armor user

Speed: 35 mph pedaling, max effort. Can be supplemented by sharing the backs from the power armor. Alternatively, the extra effort can be used to keep the armor charged. Top speed 72mph.