This is the glossary of terms for the project. This is never completed and will be updated over time as new information is added to the wiki by council staff.

UDC (Universal Defense Commission)
The former military agency of the United Forces Alliance. Formally part of Starfleet. Branched off of the organization in the 30th Century after the temporal Cold War. TSS and the Temporal Security Agency were also established by the UDC to protect the integrity of the time-line.

United Forces Alliance (UFA)
The UFA is the main alliance in sessions 5 – 30 of the project. It mainly consists of Terran's and other major races.

VX Armor
VX Armor is a shielding microchip developed by Arvonus Corporation. It is designed to protect the user from energy weapons. It also works to keep a critically wounded user from death while medical personnel are called.

Armor Mechanized Corps (AMC)
The AMC is the elite Mecha piloting branch of Delta Force of the Federation Government overseen by TUC. AMC Pilots pilot ES, EC or AS unit designed specifically for the pilot in question. AMC is the only militarily supported mech program in the Terran Federation Security Forces. Pilots are recruited from Delta Force's Tactical Division or high ranking TF Security Personnel.

The Alchemy Commission
The Alchemy Commission formally a branch of UDC Special Ops is a special military branch that focuses on "magic" and as it name suggests "alchemy" and alchemical powers. It is broken into policing units, research units, tactical units and has its own command structure separate of the TFSF and UDC (new Terran Federation). It is the organization mainly focused on in the sub-plot Justice.

The United Watchers
The Watchers as they are called are a faction much like the Endormundon Union. They are demi-gods that monitor time and record all events that occur. The TNU story is written as logs from the point of view of this omnipresent omniscient organization.

The EU (Endormundon Union)
The EU is the military force of the Council a governing body of angels and other deities whom directly serve the Chairmen. The chairmen is thought to be a direct servant of God and thus his orders are followed by the EU without question. The intentions of the EU are still not known and very little is known about the organization to date.

Delta Force Counter Terrorist Organization
Delta Force as it is called is the central counter-terrorist organization in the Terran Federation and the UDC. Delta Force also acts as the elite forces of the Federation to protect and uphold the peace. Delta Force though officially part of Starfleet does not involve itself in exploration or peacekeeping matters unless they directly relate to a request from the President him or herself. Delta Force has existed since the 30th Century after the fall of the Guardian Force following the end of the Temporal Cold War.