Intermission 3: A Time for Laying Out the Future

Emily meets Sarissa for the first time. The two ladies meet at the gym, and Sarissa offers to teach Emily how to work out properly, after seeing that she is struggling with it. The two strike up a conversation and a new friendship is formed. Emily is an energetic type personality and is trying to learn a new skill to fight the boredom she feels with being on the Beta Shift of the DFS Lavie. Sarissa in the eyes of Emily seems to be a cool collected vulcan.

Emily really does not know alot about the vulcan race, beyond what her education had taught her as a child. She is grateful for the assignment aboard the DFS Lavie, she really enjoys being a helmsman, but she prefers to be on the alpha shift. Emily is a morning person, and really dislikes working the beta shift. She is learning how to struggle to not being being the top person.

At the academy was always the center of attention, but on the DFS Lavie, she was the bottom person, she needed to prove herself as as a capable officer, if she ever wanted to make it like Mable and Dom. She is hoping that making new friends on the DFS Lavie will help her achieve a level of self-confidence and success.