Mission 6: What is it to be human, part 2.

Dom and Sukara first met on the DFS Lavie. The two did not really hit off a friendship, and by the end of the mission he left the ship. Sukara is the second officer and a back up mech pilot. She tried to reach out to Dom but he seemed to be more interested in his own career advancement.

TNU Presents: Reviving a phoenix

Dom and Sukara began to talk about the 12 hours of simulated failures. Dom was brought about the DFS Lavie to be the new Chief Control Flight Operations Officer, to get the 5 new mech units and 6 fighters online and ready to deploy. The concept behind the plan was to retrofit all ships in Delta Force, with mechs, and fighters. The admiralty needed a way to combat the technological superiority that Darius Maximus had brought with his war machine mentality.

Delta Force was barely holding the line, they needed new technology and a plan to defeat Darius. After spending 12 hours on the admiralties plan, Dom talks to Sukara and Kiyoko Ino about his old project called "Project Runaway" and adopting it with a more of a 20th century task group approach. The idea was to create smaller task groups, from using existing mothball ships and new ships they can build up.