David was Misuki's love interest in Marsia Academy and the World of Tomorrow. He is also the son of the Academies Security Chief. David was created by Daniel Hayles a former employee of the Pandora Administration and Delta Services LLC. David through the course of the story is thought dead but was brought back by Federation Special Research Personnel. He later served on Misuki's ship. Before the start of Justice Misuki and David break up and Misuki takes Tsukina.

Character Information

Name: David Swayne
Age: 17
Birth Place: Southampton, Britain, Earth
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 195
Gender: Male
Race: Human, Caucasian (Northern European)
Psychical Description: Short light brown hair. Dark Blue Eyes. Since being stranded on a planet after a mission under enemy control he has a scar going diagonally down his right eye and across the side of his nose with the white of that eye being slightly tinted red. He has a cold, merciless look about his face that you can tell when looking at him directly in the eyes.
Psychological Description: He is never formal, even to his superior officers. After being stranded on the planet, he is always checking his surroundings and has gotten used to liking high places due to being in a tower.

Alex Swayne - Marine Commander
Tsukina Raion - Daughter

Special Notes:
Died with the body being 100% confirmed his but then randomly found alive, the location is classified.

Service Record:
1/ Battle of Mercury - Aloris Campaign | Provisional Ensign
2/ Battle of Marsia - Aloris Campaign | Ensign
3/ Classified
4/ Security Officer - TFS Lavie | Ensign

Medals and Commendations: