For a while Daitanium was the standard for a variety of Skynet's structures, mechas, vehicles and even battle armor applications. But ever since Gates was able to develop refined versions of his Adamantium which exceeded Skynet's Daitanium, a superior armor ore would be required to combat against the Revengers. Skynet would discover that Diatanium and its refined sister ore, Adamantium, were the pinnacle of metals that could be created from earth's resources. Skynet realized if they wanted to improve their armor further it would require space travel. Skynet indeed had aircraft that were capable of orbiting Earth's atmosphere. One such aircraft, a VW-22 "Velocity Wing" Dropship, was modified for deeper space travel. It set off in search of metals in space that held superior strength to Daitanium. Eventually, Skynet's answer finally came in the form of Zentanium.

The ore is extremely difficult to manufacture as the refining process consumes many hours to mold the ore into the desired shape but once it is formed it is quite impervious to any advanced weaponry. With this discovery Skynet would start creating more space vessels to acquire more Zentanium ore. Due to the difficulty of the manufacturing process as well as how rare the metals are, Skynet will only apply Zentanium to their most important assets.

The only force on the planet which can even put a dent in this armor is Project Gainz.


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