Rathalium is a strange metal ore found deep underground within the seabed of the Pacific Ocean. Apparently it is not from this earth. Skynet discovered it during the 1970s and realized this ore was alien in nature as it was unlike any ore they ever saw. All known traces of it was within the same location leading Skynet to believe it must have been part of a crashed alien vessel. No intact technology could be recovered however, there may have been some damaged technology that was recovered from the vessel and used for research and development. It also emanated a strange energy and if manipulated in the right way could glow bright hot and generate fire. It gained a nickname of "Hell's iron". It is mostly metallic in nature but also comes with some dark red and black tones.

The ore's strength is actually superior to adamantium and equals with refined adamantium, though if the refined adamantium was thin enough the rathalium could actually pierce it as well. Due to the nature of the ore, it seemed more practical to turn it into a weapon vs trying to use it as armor, or mold it to mechs and vehicles. There was not nearly enough of this ore to mass produce many weapons with it. So Skynet decided to construct a large scale melee weapon with the rathalium. They would create a Rathalium Burning Sword a powerful mecha sword with an extremely sharp edge. This edge was so sharp it could even pierce low to mid level AT-fields. Nothing would rival it until Skynet created the GM-Z grand mech prototype's plasma sword.

The Rathalium Burning Sword would end up being stolen by Gates during his escape from Skynet. The sword would end up in possession of a sentient known as Katrina. Gates bestowed the rathalium sword to her and it would become her main weapon whenever she transformed into her mech mode. With this lost asset, Skynet was left with only a small stash of the rathalium ore remaining. They would utilize that for research and development in trying to create a more powerful battlesuit.


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