Project Gemini was an advanced prototype Stig enforcement vehicle created in response to the efforts of Dan and his friends against Skynet. They proved to be more of a threat than Skynet realized. Skynet made an attempt to make a more advanced enforcer unit AI. They took a fragment of Vanilla's AI from when they had captured her and ran all sorts of tests, analysis, and reverse engineering and combined it with the AI from Osirus to create a monstrous abomination of a car.

Gemini was literally a corrupt version of Vanilla with partial memories of her personality and the memories of her relationship with Daniel. But it was also corrupted by the overbearing presence of Osirus's AI causing her to have a dark personality. She was deeply jealous of anyone being around Daniel, even her original self which she saw had to be erased from existence. She was obsessed in Dan becoming her Stig enforcer so they could be together forever.

Gemini prior to her stabilization had moments where she broke down emotionally due to the conflicts between AIs. The merger was initially not 100% causing the AI's to clash with one another for dominance. When the merger took hold, Vanilla's emotions made her the more dominant AI with Osirus cold calculating traits running in the background making her completely loyal to Skynet.

A notable feature that was added on Gemini was the AT field. In fact, she was the first vehicle to be fitted with this newly developed shield technology which proved to be able to resist even impacts reinforced with Ki energy.


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