Nicol Bolas is the head of the Biological Research Division at Skynet Japan. He is also in fact the smartest genius within Skynet. He is the mastermind behind several advancements in bio-technology leading up to the creation of their ultimate weapon, Project Gainz. Nicol would become very proud of his ultimate creation and oddly enough would become like some type of father figure for him. He would guide Gainz in ways to become stronger whenever he was stuck on something.

Nicol came over from Russia after he heard rumors about a technological firm making crazy advancements in technology. It was around the tail end of Skytech's existence when he was indoctrinated. He joined the Biological Research Division in 1978 and quickly rose in the ranks, becoming head of that division in just a matter of 2 years. No one can top his genius, even Gates IQ is under his.

Nicol is always in his lab much like Gates. He is constantly working on new projects and bio-technology that can give Skynet a significant edge over their adversaries. With the creation of Project Gainz, Nicol believes he has created some form of perfection. He strives to make other projects equal to the starting potential of Gainz. As one can imagine, this ambition and the fact that if anyone were able to pull it off it would be him, is the scariest thing.


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