The GM-Z Grand Mech Prototype was a test type large scale mecha that continued Skynet's research and development from their CM-00 KARR prototype. Skynet decided they would use a more humanoid approach instead as the vertical tanks didnt seem to translate well past 50 feet. Skynet wanted something fast and maneuverable and the vertical tank designs could not facilitate that.

Unlike the CM-00 the unit was not primarily piloted by AI, although the on board AI was well capable of doing this, it was not sentient like the CM-00's. The pilot assigned to the GM-Z was Bob Jonovo the head of Skynet Toronto. The GM-Z is 72 feet tall and utilized a very advanced super-skeletal structure which would eventually become standard as the advanced mecha battle chassis. It's primary weapon is a large plasma sword. The sword was not normal, it had a cable that tethered from beneath the handle that ran directly to the mech's power generator. Its blade was quite large and emitted tons of energy which amplified its cutting power. Its so powerful it can cut through refined adamantium and stress rathalium to its breaking point. Its secondary weapons consisted of shoulder mounted plasma vulcans.

The prototype lacked any AT-field shielding compared to the CM-00. Instead the GM-Z would utilize the prototype zentanium shield. When guarding effectively, the mech will take virtually no damage with this shield. However, the mech is not so impervious on its own. The mech's superstructure is gustanium in nature and reinforced with daitanium plating. If the daitanium plating is ever compromised the mech will take significant damage especially with it lacking its outer armor body shell to protect its skeleton. Skynet was working on a design for its armored body shell, but the Revengers had other plans...


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