B-Squad is a group of androids created by the technological research division but was the brain child of Nicol Bolas. The project was oversaw by him as somewhat of a side project. The Board requested a special team of enforcer androids be created to deal with the Revengers when Gainz was not in the area they wanted him to be in.

There were 5 androids that made up the B-Squad and they were doppelgangers of Dan, Osa, X, Keifer, and Aaron; copies of their Revengers counterparts. This was done on purpose as some sort of psychological warfare and Skynet's way of taunting the Revengers on what they saw as a futile attempt to stop progress.

Compared to Project Gainz, these androids were nothing impressive. The technological research division used their Stig 2.0 research and development to create the B-Squad so these battle androids utilize their same technology. As such, ALL of these androids utilize artificial Ki energy and are able to do everything that the Stig 2.0 prototype was able to do during The Trials.


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