Aninium was the US government's first attempt at creating tritanium class metals. They combined Titanium, Steel, and Vanadium to create this new form of metal. The resulting metal was very dense. Even a golf ball sized amount would feel quite heavy for its size making this metal pretty much impractical to wear as armor and also ruled it out for aircraft. It was better suited for tanks, and other ground vehicles. The metal was highly resistant to bullet rounds and explosions but the weight bore down many vehicles sacrificing maneuverability for such a high resistance.

Gates had brief experiences working with aninium, it was more a metal back in the times of the 60s and 70s when Skytech was working on some of their first vehicles. However, Skynet had refined aninium which would be utilized in Skynet's version of a molecular bonded shell on some of their earliest vehicles. Refined aninium was much lighter while retaining its strength. Although the strength was nothing like gustanium, refined aninium had quite the shelf life with Skytech for a little while. The weight/armor trade off discouraged the US Military to continue development of aninium so they never discovered how to create refined aninium. Skytech in their quest to constantly improve sought out more practical metals for armor. More research and development would be had until Gustanium was made. Skynet would make it first and then the US government would discover it later.


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