Big Thunder
Big and Little Thunder custom pistols

These are very high tech versions of powerful cartridge fed handguns. Miniaturized components  that combine inertial dampeners and rail gun tech allow the pistols to chamber rounds that would normally be reserved for high powered rifles. The idea is that even if the component fail, you can still fire the pistol. It's going to hurt the shooter but it beats the alternative. Cooperative effort between Aidan Thornton and Nedious "Ned" Luminos.

With advances in powder and friction coatings, in addition to chemistry and variable burn powder rates, 10x26mm cartridge hits harder than many hunting rifles.

260 grain bullet @2200 fps ( max load) generating 2795 ft-lbs of energy at the muzzle or 3789 joules. { for reference. a 44mag heavy load shoots a 270 grain bullet at 1450fps and 1260 ft-lbs}. The compensator at the end of the barrel drilled through the slide, reduces the velocity and energy 15% and makes bigger fireballs. 

Little thunder

Caliber 11.43X26mm ( .45 Howizter)

Barrel length 3.6"

Height 4.5"

Width 1.4"

Overall length 7.3"

Weight 28 ounces

Capacity: 12 + 1

Big Thunder

Caliber 11.43X26mm ( .45 Howitzer )

barrel length 6"

Height 5.38"

Overall length 10"

Width 1.25"

Weight 46 ounces

Capacity 14+1