Arisa is a supporting character in Justice, DFS Lavie and later parts of the TNU Story. She is a dragon from another galaxy endowed with both gem magic and the magic of her world. She is able to convert other planet's energy into her own form of energy allowing her to continue to use her powers. She is constantly in her human form as she feels her dragon body is scary and hates herself when she is in that form. She was the second Captain of the DFS Lavie and works as the equivalent to National Security Adviser for Hukari's administration. She trained Misuki to use a sword and how to control herself better. She was also invited to join the EU as a Guardian by Mith following the events of Justice. She was intimately involved with Tordek a half human half dragon from her homeworld. She had to kill him due to his attempt to destroy the world. She trapped his soul in a soulstone and keeps him with her becuase she could not bare living without him. Recently she released his spirit but keeps the stone as a reminder of her undying love for him. her only attempt at a relationship sense was a brief sexual encounter with Gainz when he tried to make her feel better about her original form. She was created by Josh Hina.