Arianna is the female protagonist of Justice: Shattered Stars. She is a pilot and team leader for SAD attending Noromi Academy before its destruction. She than joined up with a Salmor Rescue Unit and transferred to that Academy. She is thought to play a major part in The Great War by Jim Olend of the EU. Arianna was created by Joshua Hina.

Character Details

Name: Arianna Manomi
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Please refer to the photo on the right.

Personality: Arianna is calm and collected. She is in the top of her class and is a natural leader. She hates it when people fight eachother and dislikes that fact that the Federation Government provides her home little protection. She likes to play board games, watch the stars, hike and make origami.

History: Arianna's family was killed in combat by a raiding group on the expidition they were assigned. Arianna has had to raise herself and enrolled in the SAD (Special Armored Division) Training Program at 15.

Mission Record:
Basic Training - 3 Years 6 Months
Battle of Noromi - Served as a Commander in the battle
Advanced Training - Currently

Position: Pilot/Squad Leader (Team 2, Unit Alpha)

Mech Name/Pilot Callsign: Ultra Hound/Ari
Unit Specialization: Mid Range (Stripped down training model)