This document lists all pilots and their assigned machine as well as the unit they are or were assigned to. For more information on AMC see AMC.

Transport Vessels

Shadow Fire (DFCTO Tactical Division - AMC Detachment Division 3) 
Primary Units:
MLX-01 Trident
MAT-01 Sword Bender
DFS Lavie (Trinity Special Operations Flagship - AMC Trinity Operations Division 1)
DCU-S-01 Defender 
ACLS-02 Destroyer
ACU-03 Seeker
MAS-01 Guardian
TSS Faith (Temporal Security Command Ship)
MAT-02 Tank
MAT-03 Hell Storm
Maltros (EHU Ship)
PDU-K1-2 Independence
PDU-K8 Avenger
Earth Presidential Base (Presidential Security Detachment)
ATS-02 Fox
ATS-01 Protector
MAT-02 Tank

Mech Crews

MAT-01 Sword Bender: Kyri Davis (Pilot)
MAT-02 Tank: Jake Noris (Pilot), Dave Freemen (Engineer and Co-Pilot)
MAT-03-S Shadow: Codename "Hawx" (Pilot) {Status: MIA}
MAS-01 Guardian: Sakura Carain (Pilot), Open (Gunner and Co-Pilot)
FAT-Mark 1 Warcast: Rachel (Pilot) {Status: Destroyed, Pilot KIA}
ACLS-02 Destroyer: Dale Flint (Pilot), Relos (AI)
ATS-01 Protector: Hukari Carain (Pilot), Yumi Tataluos (Gunner and Co-Pilot), Reos (AI and ECS)
ATS-02 Fox: Misuki Raion-Travis (Pilot), Arisa Norinette (Gunner and Co-Pilot), Fox) (AI)
ATS-03-A Hell Storm: Takara Mashima (Pilot), Steven Davidson (Engineer and Co-Pilot)
GLD-8R Gladiator: Jarrion DinAlt (Pilot) {Status: MIA}
GLD-8RK Gladiator: Kyle Graywolf (Pilot) {Status: MIA}
PDU-K7 Defender: Hikari Yuga (Pilot) (Unit Destroyed in Combat; Pilot Ejected and Rescued)
PDU-K8 Avenger: Mamori Sakai (Pilot)
PDU-K1-2 Independence: Yudori Cot (Pilot)
MLX-01 Trident: Alec Borwin (Pilot)
ZLN-Zeus: Lumi Trouve (Pilot) Open (Gunner)
DCU-S-01 Defender: Yuka Layton (Pilot) Open (Gunner)
ACU-03 Seeker: Kiyoko Ino (Pilot) Hikaru Ino (Gunner)
Other Craft
ACTX Fighter-1: None (Pilot), None (AI) (Mothballed)
ACTX Fighter-2: None (Pilot) (Mothballed)
ACTX Fighter-3: Mika Delros (Pilot), Jor (AI) {Status: Destroyed, Pilot KIA}
ACTX Fighter-4: Jackson Lost (Wing Leader/Pilot), Savior (AI) {Status: Destroyed, Pilot KIA}
ACTX-S Fighter-1: Charles McMan (Pilot) (Mothballed)